Satyamev Jayate

That’s the beauty of truth, It’s unfazed by time, people, opinion, majority. It is brazen ; entrenched , constant. It doesn’t change, doesn’t sway . It doesn’t matter how many times it is swindled, cut, carved or rephrased; It doesn’t care if you are with it or against it; It stays. Always. And in the end, it wins. (Satyamev Jayate is Sanskrit for “Truth Alone … Continue reading Satyamev Jayate


People are adventures; an experience second to none-places, destinations,emotionsall packed in one Some are like carnival;They take us on a wild ride.Some are vacations,Makes us relaxed when by their side Some are libraries;expands the horizon by brainstorming While some are like temples,Revered, sacred, reforming. And then some… are wastelands, Green on top but a swamp inside,these are the ones to best avoid! But the most … Continue reading People

The Walk

It seems so vivid,although it has been too long,etched in the memory,like a distant favorite song That starry summer night,the holding of hands,That coy smile..that damned strand Luscious moonlight on your faceAnd as we walked to your place…The hour-glassran out of sand.It was time to let go of the hand So when we embraced, I didn’t knowIt’d be the final let goThat at sunrise you’ll be … Continue reading The Walk