हदों में रह कर ही करना करना हो ग़र वार, रफ़्तार या प्यार.. आफ़रीन-ए-अहसास ये तभी हुआ जब हदों से गुज़रे.. Translation: That we should always stay within limits, Whether indulging in war, speed or love.. This beautiful life lesson I learnt, Only when I went over and above… Continue reading Limitless

One More Day

One by one, We subconsciously memorized their names, And role-played them every evening, until each one of us saw their personalities entrenched onto ourselves- If you’d step out on a spin, you were doing a Ganguly, rocked a solid defence throughout the day, then you’d have pulled a Dravid Had you started with a boundary off the first ball- You were smashing it like Sehwag, … Continue reading One More Day

A beginner’s guide to cricket and relationships

Cricket is a truly fascinating game. I say this not only because of the love for the game which we are so accustomed to see regularly on TV (or through other means), but also because of the many other dimensions in which it can be interpreted. Hence today, I would like to analogize the game in a different dimension- that of love and relationships. Relationships … Continue reading A beginner’s guide to cricket and relationships