I recently re-watched the F.R.I.E.N.D.S’s episode where Rachael moves out from the apartment (Season 6 Episode 6- The One on the last night). There’s a scene when Rachel while finally leaving the apartment after reminiscing the bitter-sweet experiences of living with Monica, hugs and cries and then realizes how stupid it was as they were going to meet again in two hours. This made me … Continue reading Separation

Let go

It’s an unsettling feeling, isn’t it? walking away from an enamoured place, a loved face countless memories left behind, few recoverable; most obliviating with no trace We left home for a new location, New life, new city, relentlessly chasing a vocation So much so that the person who initially leaves, isn’t the one who ultimately reaches the destination. The once care-free soul is replaced, by … Continue reading Let go