The Walk

It seems so vivid,although it has been too long,etched in the memory,like a distant favorite song That starry summer night,the holding of hands,That coy smile..that damned strand Luscious moonlight on your faceAnd as we walked to your place…The hour-glassran out of sand.It was time to let go of the hand So when we embraced, I didn’t knowIt’d be the final let goThat at sunrise you’ll be … Continue reading The Walk

One More Day

One by one, We subconsciously memorized their names, And role-played them every evening, until each one of us saw their personalities entrenched onto ourselves- If you’d step out on a spin, you were doing a Ganguly, rocked a solid defence throughout the day, then you’d have pulled a Dravid Had you started with a boundary off the first ball- You were smashing it like Sehwag, … Continue reading One More Day

Building a gallery, forgetting a memory

Yesterday I had a friend of mine visiting me from Pune on the weekend. After a week of data analysis at office we thought of spending a weekend roaming the streets of Mumbai, initially in search of some gaming zones- that landed us to ‘Smaash’ (which turned out to be a disappointment) – and ultimately ending our quest in the hot and humid climate of … Continue reading Building a gallery, forgetting a memory