Satyamev Jayate

That’s the beauty of truth, It’s unfazed by time, people, opinion, majority. It is brazen ; entrenched , constant. It doesn’t change, doesn’t sway . It doesn’t matter how many times it is swindled, cut, carved or rephrased; It doesn’t care if you are with it or against it; It stays. Always. And in the end, it wins. (Satyamev Jayate is Sanskrit for “Truth Alone … Continue reading Satyamev Jayate


Draped in gold, brave and bold, luscious fire, sweet desire. she entered the room, An October bloom. A black dress, a fleeting glance a resplendent smile- he had no chance! Heartbeat raced, knees weak stomach took a nosedive, the ember hope sprang back alive. Myths shattered, wasn’t a surprise her lips didn’t move the seraph spoke through her eyes. One look was all it took … Continue reading Hypnotise


I try to not like/dislike someone for their achievements; Admire one’s success but without being addicted to its sound ensuring that my admiration isn’t time-bound I would rather want to know the nature of the catastrophe you endure and try to figure out if my own storms make peace with yours. To see, if my thoughts and desire are in harmony with your quagmire. I … Continue reading Timeless


You are exactly where you need to be, Facing the very challenges universe wants you to. Hustling with your bad luck and wrong decision Having being tested for believing in your vision But that’s how the universe makes sure, When you hit the prism, do you get absorbed or form a VIBGYOR? Some unexpected daggers, some unhealed scars? Don’t fret, sit tight That’s how they … Continue reading Endure