You are exactly where you need to be, Facing the very challenges universe wants you to. Hustling with your bad luck and wrong decision Having being tested for believing in your vision But that’s how the universe makes sure, When you hit the prism, do you get absorbed or form a VIBGYOR? Some unexpected daggers, some unhealed scars? Don’t fret, sit tight That’s how they … Continue reading Endure

Rutheless Aggression

To the losers of the ovarian lottery, To the ones dealt the worst cards, Them whose hard work falls short to some bootlicker’s flattery, Who dares to rise each time they’re broken to shards Success for you is made harder to get, Since the world is cruel, biased, unfair, For the unbinding efforts and sweat You deserve much more than your allotted share. But the … Continue reading Rutheless Aggression