We are all star people,

made from the same stardust; Started from and destined to be part of the same universe once we perish.

And hence we always feel a sense of connection towards it; the first humans felt it the moment they looked up in the sky. They revered it as the guiding light, the heavenly being, the protector and the mentor.

The stars and the planets helped us grow, aided in subsistence and sustenance; they also taught us about the vastness of the cosmos and the small yet powerful role we have to play in it.

It not only enabled us in our critical thinking, but also became a conduit for philosophical reasoning, for art, for expression of thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, when the heavens made some humans curious about knowing the beginning of time and space, it led others to think about the meaning of existence at all.

And yet for others even the mystery of not knowing became the beauty of living;

While the astronomers vied to reach the moon, the philosophers found peace by just looking at it; the spiritual thought of it as a divine signal; and the romantic found solace by liking it to his lover.

We are starpeople.

Observing, learning and trying to make sense of a part of the Universe we are exposed to, before we once-again become stardust.

And till then,just like the moon,

We must go through phases of incompleteness,

To eventually, feel full again!

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