Why do people say things they don’t mean?
Why do you want me to believe something you are not?
Why is it so important to make the world see you from one particular lens?
Why do you care about what kind of vicarious ideals I wear,
Why can’t we forget how many commonalities we share?

Isn’t it okay if we have a starkly different world?
Isn’t it okay if we hold beliefs that don’t coalesce?
even if we can respect one another, regardless?

Isn’t it ok if I am not adept?
Why do we have to be perfect all the time?
Why has failure and acceptance of mistake, become a crime?
Can’t you perhaps hold the judgement for some other time?

Can’t we have a moment where we can really talk what comes to mind?
And does it need to be coherent?
Can we not talk about the stars, the universe, dogs and cats,
celebrities, weather, friends and enemies, all at once?

Would it be too demanding if all I ask,
is to just let go of the mask?
Do you not feel we both deserve a semblance of reality?
Would it be too much to ask for, an unexpected abnormality?

Because, I, for one
am totally done,
with the untrue stories about how in control we are,
of everything we experience and feel,
and all the decisions we take
and the world we thus make.

It is time, we accepted the Universal laws,
of uncertainty, improbability and chaos,
It is time we gave our ‘perfect persona’ a pause,
Let us sit, totally clueless, of what will be, what is and what was,
it is time, we also discussed the flaws.




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