In a world,
where everyone has their versions of the truth,
their own intransigent view of reality,

I don’t know
If I should tell you about me.
I don’t know how you’d take it,
For I know, that what I say
won’t be what you hear
So should I be honest with you?
or rather should I just fake it?

Everyone has a different version of me in their heads
I am an introvert to some, loquacious to others,
a carefree ‘party-animal’ to a few,
to some, I am an overthinking shudder.
A morose, placid like the lifeless wintery dew
and to others, I may be a glittery, shiny ocean blue.

And I must say,
that I am all the above and that I am none.
I am a farrago of distorted personalities,
bundled into one.

Thus when you say “tell me about yourself, you haven’t talked much”,
please give me some time, for I need to decide-
which version of me I’d like you to meet, to confide

And if you happen to have the same thoughts,
take your time, I admit how great is this a task
I’ll wait to decide to bare our soul
until then lets know each other through our masks.

(Image Courtesy – Carnival Of Venice)