As I sat on the high rock,
to finally enjoy,
the fruits of hard labor put
in climbing the treacherous hill
and feel the pious breeze of the quaint, serene dawn
while the world lay still.

I couldn’t help but wonder –
Us humans are so incomprehensively obtuse.

We decimate forests to build facades of all shapes;
lavish boxes around cemented wood;
keeping windows under drapes

Claustrophobic, detached is what we then feel,
and hence go back to secluded mountains to heal

why can’t we ever realize the beauty of a thing,
before it is lost?

We only miss the sunshine,
when we cannot bear the frost.

Why is it that we take things for so granted?
that even the minimal care it needs, goes wanted?
And when we have that thing taken away,
we start to feel the emptiness, daunted.

If only we could perceive beauty right away —
of nature, people and relationships.
If only, we shifted focus,
from our loses to our gains,
the universe wouldn’t have to teach us,
time and again-
The pulchritudinous bliss of being, through phantasmagorical pain.

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