I wonder how it’d be if we’re given this power,
of being able to reset our own timelines.
Wouldn’t it be great?
undo the things which hurt – an instant fix!
Amend those memories, take control of our fate?
(Damn You, The second law of thermodynamics!)

Though I also wonder,
if it rather turns out to be a blunder.
What if we never could satisfy ourselves,
with whatever past we make?
Would I still cherish the sweetness,
If all I eat for eternity is the delightful, sugary cake?

God abhors a naked singularity,
And I think I can understand why.
Time’s a ship that sails in but one direction —
And I have to accept the lows in order to cherish the high

So I collect my sadness, memories that haunt,
moments where I gave my everything, yet failed!
pack them in a box and label them – ‘lessons learnt’
put a smiley on them- bad yes, yet they are proof that once I was burnt.
And I work towards a day when I open this box-
And I no longer yearn for a power to turn back the clocks!



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