A Lost Battle

At a place not too far; an eerily familiar scene
two very different jungles meet.
One vivifying life with its azure, plush green,
And the other- made of concrete.

A battle ensues between life and death,
Mankind fuels the weapons to latter
while itself choking, asphyxiated for breath!

It is not too hard to recognise,
which side should we rather be,
About time we stopped working for greed,
And started thinking about posterity!

Time to heal, we’ve given earth enough scars,
The concrete must lose this battle,
in order for us to win the war.

2 thoughts on “A Lost Battle

  1. For us to win the war,
    The green must thrive.
    For us to win the war
    The living kind must survive.

    Indiscriminate poaching and cutting of trees,
    Has led to us gasping for free breeze.
    Running for life to get to work on time,
    We should stop lest we forget what is right?

    The cars choke the towns and planes choke the sky,
    Each one should plant a dozen for the human kind to come back to life!

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