One More Day

One by one,
We subconsciously memorized their names,
And role-played them every evening,
until each one of us saw their personalities entrenched onto ourselves-
If you’d step out on a spin, you were doing a Ganguly,
rocked a solid defence throughout the day, then you’d have pulled a Dravid
Had you started with a boundary off the first ball-
You were smashing it like Sehwag,
Managed a magical straight drive- it was ‘Tendulkared’,
or played a very very special inning to have ‘Laxmaned’ it.
And finally,
if you’ve been outrageous in all,
with an ‘incredible catch’ to add to the glory,
Then you’d have done something only “UV can”.

One by one,
We saw them call it a day,
And just like those dusky summer evenings,
When you knew the day had come to an end,
(You always knew it would end at some point),
Yet you weren’t prepared.

One by one,
We bade them farewell,
And with them,
bid adieu to the last of our connection to those days,
that someday,
once again
when friends meet,
and decide to play the good old game
we’d reinvigorate those memories,
and enact the role-play
One more day!

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