Perhaps it was written in the stars,
Or it was just a benign coincidence
the Universe put them at the same space-time continuum
to spawn a fairy-tale – or something of the similar pretence.

And magic was cast at one go,
the damning sparks were as much real
It was all a funny feeling; nothing logical to show
And that was enough to break the deal.
As neither of them believed anymore in destiny, vicissitudes of fate
They both had been falsified by their past ‘soulmates’
Although this very disbelief spawned a common ground,
Sharing this with the other was a relief- they’d have later found

But perhaps ’twas indeed written in the stars
and the Universe’s rational judgement,
It was deemed too much to invest, becoming as much spent
The zeitgeist advised against putting an effort again and try,
and hence (un)fortunately faded another story- Mamihlapinatapai!

(Mami-la-pin-yata-pie) – “A look shared by two people, each wishing the other would initiate something they both desire but neither wants to begin”

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