Let go

It’s an unsettling feeling, isn’t it?
walking away from an enamoured place, a loved face
countless memories left behind,

few recoverable; most obliviating with no trace

We left home for a new location,
New life, new city, relentlessly chasing a vocation
So much so that the person who initially leaves,
isn’t the one who ultimately reaches the destination.

The once care-free soul is replaced, by the time-tried personality
The benign, doted child gives way
to a mechanical, ‘corporate ready’ entity

People without whom ’twas difficult to imagine a day,
Now have their own busy life, working miles away.

It’s a humbling feeling, isn’t it? Retrospecting at the montage
Realizing that your fool-proof plan of a ‘perfect future’,
Was nothing but an ignorant boy’s mirage?

But is that all this life has to offer?
Shouldn’t we at times take a break from the race
return to that enamoured place, revisit that loved face?

For, in the end, we are nothing but stardust made by the Universe-
And when our time comes, and we are standing at the hearse,
will it be worth it- no cherished memory, and a fat purse?

So I pause, and I sheathe,
when the society deals another blow
give Time some time; bleed, heal, breathe
And for everything else- I Just Let Go!

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