Rutheless Aggression

To the losers of the ovarian lottery,
To the ones dealt the worst cards,
Them whose hard work falls short to some bootlicker’s flattery,
Who dares to rise each time they’re broken to shards
Success for you is made harder to get,
Since the world is cruel, biased, unfair,
For the unbinding efforts and sweat
You deserve much more than your allotted share.
But the universe saves it’s toughest
To fight the hardest wars,
For it knows- to make a new crest,
A sheep isn’t needed, but a lion with scars.
So persevere as you have done,
Know it that you are second to none
Be a sponge, soak it all in
Be a vacuum, muffle the inner din
Be a dark matter- let that darkness matter.
Between ‘one day’ and ‘day one’, choose the latter
Be gracious, take the hit,
note the mistake, calibrate
The universe will concede before your ascension,
All it wants – is to see your ruthless aggression

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