Are you there? Hidden somewhere
underneath those layers,
of faux utopian life and sponsored persona of finesse
Weaving an illusion for the world to witness.
Can you hear me?
Over the noise of the crowd and your glamorous social life,
’cause I wish to meet the true you- imperfect and impure
lonely in the crowd, scared and insecure.
Who even though smiles, from side to side,
But whose loneliness, those eyes fail to hide.
Don’t want the shallow talks and gossips over coffee,
But rather to hear the storm inside,
And its coherence to my own catastrophy!
For it’s the only way to know you,
And not the veneer -forged, forced and imposed to hide the scars
So if you concur with the view,
let’s someday sit under the stars.
And perhaps discuss faith, love, peace and violence
Or else have a conversation, just by looking at the universe in silence.

#musings #silence #happiness

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