A stubborn heart

He looked in the mirror-
A face stared back at him,
He’d seen it quite often lately,
A veneer, vicariously living at the whim
of the societal pressures;
to be the kind of man expected from him.

She took a deep breath, wiped away the tears,
cautious not to be noticed, judged and harangued.
For she knew,  eventually, it was her vs her fears.
Yes, things hadn’t turned out the way she planned

She thought she could handle, she knew she was prepared
but life is a harsh teacher
to get what you need requires losing all you ever cared.

Everyone’s fighting a battle,
to find a happy place,
to finally at peace, to be infinite
Everyone’s searching- for a dawn to this long night.

A place, where one is content with whatever one has got,
A place of salvation- Moksha, which just can’t be bought;

But that place can only be reached,
through persistence and sheer will,
For even the road to heaven,
runs through clouded hell.
So keep chasing what you love,
continue following the dream
This Universe is a theatre,
eventually, we’ll all figure out the grander scheme

Right now it’s important to continue playing our part,
And believe you me, the universe will bow,
for it too, loves a stubborn heart!

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