The Happiness Equation

They say- Happiness, is just around the corner,

That all you need to do is persevere

But as the circle of life leaves us scorner

Is it all a grand fallacy? one cannot help but fear.

“It’s the sum total of all the wealth, health and love a person received”,

One framed the happiness equation-

A tangible method through which ‘the happy state’ could be achieved,

And on-board I went, to find this convincing expression.

“The formula for wealth is easy” I thought,

“You do the hard work and you’ll be rewarded with whatever you sought”.

So I did the grind ; countless midnight oils were burned

But wealth has an insidious partner : in-satiation

Hence the more I earned, the more I yearned

And happiness – Alas! Always seemed coming with wealth’s next manifestation

Thence I dedicated the efforts to improve health to my best –

Early morning jog, meditation, gyms, green tea and diet

For a moment, I found happiness building my greatest bequest

But health took an unexpected downturn and happiness was again out of sight.

With two surgeries and an open wound, medications and bed-rest,

“Health can’t be trusted for happiness”, I thought, distressed.

It was now clear that love is what would give happiness unbound,

Here I got lucky, for I found the best kind of love- pure and profound.

“It sure is the means to happiness”, I was in an unparalleled utopia, convinced

However reality struck soon enough and the benign love story winced.

The happiest feeling turned to the most bitter reality,

‘One’s love is equally reciprocated’, felt nothing but a hypothetical abnormality

Happiness was surely no where, for the world seemed dark, depressing and gore,

“She is the woman”- Oh I couldn’t have misjudged it more.

So back to the board, I went

To find happiness’ new equation,

Then, an epiphany- Happiness isn’t how and why, but a matter of content

I realized suddenly, to my elation

The vantage point changed, and the world looked a lot more cherishable,

‘plop’ disappeared the self-inflicted flaws,

Wealth still brought happiness, but it was a means and not the root cause.

Health is unpredictable, you can not always be as fit as you want to be,

But C’est la vie! Can’t blame the ships for the rare typhoon in the sea

And for Love- well its always there

All we need is to look in the right direction,

Come home to friends and family when the world seems unfair,

For they won’t ever, be at a dearth for affection!

It came a bit late, but now I can affirm without evasion

Happiness is a state of mind,

Know this, and you won’t ever be needing another equation

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