Hitting your own buzzer

The famous singing reality show, ‘The Voice’ has a unique format. There are the blind auditions where the judges don’t get to ‘see’ the singer as they are seated, their faces turned back to the audience, away from the singer; all they have to base their judgement on selection or rejection is by listening to the one thing which is the most important thing for the show- the voice.

To me, it’s a great way to filter out all the noises and pointers that may alter one’s decision in an undesirable manner. But in reality, we seldom get such unadulterated situations — where the only criteria by which one is judged is that one thing that matters the most at that situation. So when it’s your job, that criteria would be your competency; if it’s a relationship, it will be your conviction or the amount of soul you put in; for sports, it could be the number of hours you’ve practised. And though these pointers still dictate the outcome up to a certain degree, they aren’t the sole deciding factors. There’s the universe around you which plays a huge role in influencing the decision. One may call it luck, one may call it fate, destiny, anything- but it is there.

Everyone in this world is suffering/yearning for something. The rich yearns more riches, the poor yearns a livelihood, the unsuccessful yearns success and the lost yearns victory. But life is not always fair. Even when you have checked most of the boxes when you have truly and dedicatedly done that one thing which should be the deciding factor for your success or failure, success alludes you. And you just cannot understand where did it go wrong. Sure, there are many motivators and motivational speeches which would (rightly) advise you to rise up and try again ( because what else can you do?), that perhaps when you try this time, when you give your everything this time, things might be different for you. Perhaps the proverbial judge of your task would hit the buzzer for you this time. And you’ll know that all your prayers have been answered— That someone concurred with you. Someone managed to connect to you and found the pure, raw hard work you’d put in for the task ( because you only knew how to play fair and to work hard).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way either. In the real show, one has to be one’s own ‘Voice’ and one’s own Judge. You’ve got to stop hoping for some higher authority to concur with you, to understand your pain and as a reward hit that buzzer for you. No. You’ve got to be your own judge. You have got to rise from the ground. It is a lot more difficult than writing these words but you’ve got it in you, you know that. You have to have the tenacity to unlearn and relearn from your mistakes and take the mic again to sing to the world- this time to know that you are the judge and that you have to hit that buzzer for yourself.

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