The greatest superhero of ‘em all

Just the other day when I was surfing the net, I stumbled upon this picture.

Batman desert

A die-hard Batman fan myself, needless to say how ascetic these vignettes can make you! Then I wondered if anyone even in reality can touch the magnanimity of the Batman( for it has always been obvious to me that nobody can match the aura of the Gotham’s dark knight!) So is there anybody so selfless in this real world where the only person one cares about today  is ‘I, me and myself’.Is there anybody who can give it all for the welfare of his city/home/family/country?? Is there anyone in the horizon who has the audacity of a warrior, the tenderness of a lover, the care of a mother and perseverance of the soul with ruthless aggression and a never say die attitude.

To be fair and pragmatic, many names/options popped up in the head. To begin with, firstly, many cricketers come to mind( being an Indian, it is all indispensable to have a bit of ‘cricket ka keeda’ mixed in the Ribo-Nucleic acids of the blood).

First and foremost there is the God himself- Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- The one superhero from India who is arguably the greatest batsman of the modern times( and I say modern times, not to take anything from him but only as a precaution since I have not seen the older greats play, so for me it may very well be ‘of all time’). So he fits in the super-suit of pre-requisites we have put now. He has been selfless in his games, played for the country, served it well. There were similar great names from the same field( Dravid, Ganguly, Dhoni, Kohli to name a few).

Second, there came the options for the obvious Bollywood celebrities. They indeed are heroes in reel life and some even in real life. They inspire goodness and also exhort it to their extent ( Aamir Khan with his Styamev-Jayate, for instance). They could be moulded to fit the supreme hero costume spoken above.

Then the mind went on to fields like business and there came people like Dhirubhai Ambani- the man who started with literally nothing and built one of the biggest Indian conglomerates today. ” Better to start working towards fulfilling your own dreams than to work hard to make someone else’s dream come true”: Almost all men get inspired by famous quotations and paradigms, few have the audacity to subvert them! And he was definitely one of those few men. Then there are the Tatas- who have build, not only the most valuable company of the country but also helped in bringing the country in the world map in myriad sectors. So they both were adept superheroes alright and also a strong contender for the ultimate superhero-beating the charismatic Batman!

Then came the thought of our national leaders. Without indicating anybody from contemporary politics, I thought about the very leaders who brought about the independence of our country. Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind who and whose contributions needs no introduction. He simply is the father of the nation, period. Then there were also leaders such as Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar, Sukhdev, Rajguru etc. who gave their own life and soul for the country. Yes, they fit the requisites the most. It is then when my mind came with the most deserving option. The option which was formidable enough to dethrone the mighty Batman from my list! And most interesting was the fact that this option is not even an individual or a specific name. In fact, they do not have to be remembered by anyone name. Cent per cent true to the requisites ( and only more than that, not less in any case) – selfless enough to bury their own interests for the goodwill of others, courageous like the mighty mountains standing guard against the most dire of the enemies, tender enough to know how to love their motherland with their life, putting duty and honor of the country ahead of the pseudo-luxuries of the material world, audacious enough to conquer the whole world and still be modest about it, loving enough to sacrifice it all for the wellness of the family! Yes, I found an answer; I found a superhero, the superhero and I knew Batman had to make way for them!

They are our soldiers. Irrespective of who scores a ton in a match, who makes 100 crores out of a movie or who is ruling at the centre these superheroes are there for us, safeguarding our borders against anything and everything. These are the men who are in all sense the ultimate superhero in real life- The Dark Knight- The hero(es) whom the country needs. The heroes who are not afraid to lay down their life for the country and its people, any day. Not, that they are all alone and have no one to care for them. Every soldier has his own little world around him. Though he is a soldier, he still is some ailing mother’s son, who wants nothing but the well-being of her son. He still is the husband of a caring wife, who needs her better half to be with her at peril moments. He continues to be the father of his beautiful, little children who know nothing else but that their father is someplace far, doing something which is very important for the safety of us all. But above all, he is the guardian angel of the country. He is someone whom the motherland can look up to in full trust believing that whatever happens, he would be there for her! He is someone who comes to rescue when a natural disaster occurs(like the Uttarakhand disaster). He is someone who comes to rescue when the civilians are attacked by terrorists( Mumbai 26/11), he is there when the country is attacked by the enemy army. He is ubiquitous. He needs to be so. He is unfailingly so. He is the soldier -the greatest superhero of ’em all.

“If I die in the battle zone,
box me up and take me to my home,
pin up the medal on my chest
and tell my mom I did my best”.-capt. Vishal’blondie’ Bhandral.

Salute to the soldier! Salute to the army!

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